Earth Day

Our Local Earth Day event is a big deal for the permaculture group. It’s a fair held on the saturday closest to Earth Day. The permaculture group has a table and passes out brochures and we talk to lots of people about permaculture, and it’s fun to see lots of people we know, there’s an especially get to see a lot of people we know from other sustainability groups. Unfortunately, many years it’s cold, windy and miserable outside and a exercise in endurance to spend the entire day there. This year was predicted to be worse than ever, colder and rainier; but as it turned out, the sun was out and wind wasn’t too bad, although it was rather chilly. The predicted storm held off until just after the event; by 5:30 it was snowing fairly hard (for late April, even a little snow counts as extremely hard), and we woke up to a snowy view on Sunday.

The local seed saver’s exchange idea is getting more and more concrete. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks it’s a great idea… I got a domain (they were on sale for 8.95) so the draft is up at There are still a few people I’d like to talk to about it, and I need to do some legwork to collect information. Once spring is a little less intense, this should come together and we’ll have a kickoff party.

On the real Earth Day (the 22nd, Tuesday), I traditionally plant a tree. There are at least a dozen trees in pots behind the greenhouse… I wonder if they will ever all get planted. It’s like those odd items in the bottom of the laundry bin that never seem to get washed.