Pretty warm and sunny for this time of year; if I knew where the sunoven was, we could have used that to make bread. But at night, it rained heavily; snow on the mountains behind us. We made progress on sheet mulching the new beds for the field crops (a.k.a the corn beds).

Finally got to separating beeswax, which means a lot of heating jars of wax in the microwave, trying to pass this hot wax through filters, and a huge mess. With a little plastic mold, I tried to make beeswax votives, but they stuck to the mold
badly and didn’t come out very nice looking. They would probably burn just fine. This year’s honey harvest, the part that I hadn’t got around to putting into jars, has crystalized already.

For dinner, baked potatoes with broccoli, carrots and an amazing semi-red bell pepper from the greenhouse, topped with feta. And bread.

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