Day 1 of the 100-yard diet

We took the eat local challenge for a week and went on our 100-yard diet, with a few exceptions and wildcards.

Sunday: day 1
We start with coffee with goat’s milk. Today we used honey to sweeten instead of sugar; honey is local, sustainable and more nutritious than sugar. It just takes me some getting used to the honey flavor in coffee.

We scrambled eggs with onion, sweet red pepper, fresh tomato, and garlic in olive oil, with salt and pepper, and topped with goat feta. Along with this we had hash brown potatoes cooked in butter.

It was very filling and tasty, but I miss bread… I like simple, starchy breakfasts. I ended up with too much egg dish and not enough potatoes for my taste. And feta doesn’t work as well as cheddar in this dish, but feta is so easy to make.

With the late and filling breakfast, we didn’t really eat lunch. I ate as I worked – raspberries, cherry tomatoes, green beans, sweet peppers and peas, all raw right off the plants in the garden. Then bits of meat as I striped the last of the meat off the turkey we cooked last weekend.

I started some preparations for eating later this week, since we’re so busy during the week. I’m making stock with the turkey bones, onions, salt and pepper and a few bay leaves from the small potted bay tree on the patio.

We grow a small amount of grain and beans, this year about 5 pounds of wheat and a couple of pounds of garbanzos and black beans, and small amounts of minor grains – we’ll rely on this to vary the potato diet. Potatoes are so easy to grow and a nutritious source of starch, but personally they just aren’t as delicious as wheat or rice.

I started garbanzos soaking for tomorrow’s dinner, and ground flour from 1 pound of wheat. That should make one loaf plus extra for all the other things we use flour for.

Dinner tonight is eating out – the Rogue Flavor Dinner! Adam Treister (Jay’s boss) got tickets for us all to attend, lucky us! So we’re bending the rules, but it is an eat-local event, after all, and it’s just too good to pass up.

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