Plant starts should be ordered in March for best availability, and picked up in late May or very early June. Tomatoes, Peppers, Basil, and other starts are also available. For details, see Plant starts, or the brochure.


(Nichols/Albany) HYBRID
Large dark purple eggplant, traditional Italian type, supposed to be someone what larger and slightly later than Galine. Said to set fruit under cool conditions. Does very well for us; it’s hard to choose between this one and Galine.


(Fedco/Maine) HYBRID
Purple Italian-type eggplant, produced well and fairly late into the season, and — possibly — fewer seeds than other eggplants.


(Territorial, Cottage Grove) HYBRID – 54 days
Extra-early, productive of slender purple japanese eggplants.

Like peppers, eggplants need some coddling early in the season. In recent years we’ve had good crops from a number of varieties, out in the garden (under cover just for a few weeks in spring); but we haven’t had a real bad summer in this period. Row cover or a simple hoophouse will make them much happier.