Plant starts should be ordered in March for best availability, and picked up in late May or very early June. Tomatoes, Pepper, Eggplants, and other starts are also available. For details, see Plant starts, or the brochure.

Genovese Basil

Classic, strongly flavored basil for pesto and Italian dishes.

Siam Queen Basil

(Baker Creek/Missouri)
Thai basil, used in Asian dishes. Leaves are smoother and more pointed, with a purpley tint. A very decorative plant, with a mounded growth habit and deep lavendar flower spikes.

Sweet Dani Lemon Basil

A lemony-spicy-fragrant basil. Leaves are smaller and lighter in color than regular basil and the plant is more open.

Holy Basil

(Siskiyou Seeds/Oregon)
Also called Tulsi. Not true basil, but grown similarly, with a wonderful sweet, spicy fragrance. Slightly more cold tolerant than regular basil.