The primary reason for ducks on our farm is slug management.  However, the simple joy that ducks have in water (and mud and rain), makes the endless cold rains of winter here more bearable.  Watching ducks is more fun than watching chickens or turkeys, and you can’t discount the entertainment value of your livestock.


Living in a dry climate in southern Oregon, it was hard to see the appeal of ducks. But when we first arrived here, the slugs were a nightmare – they ate an entire tomato plant to death the second spring. And when hand-picking… how to dispose of 50 or more 4″ slugs was a problem I hadn’t considered.

Carol Deppe’s book “The Resilient Gardener”, recommends a rare breed, the Ancona, as easygoing and excellent foragers.  These are indeed excellent ducks, the best I’ve known (especially I find the drakes more gentlemanly than usually is the case amongst ducks).  But for eating, they are a little small.

Duck Eggs

Ducks are seasonal layers, but in season, they lay very well.  During spring and summer, usually duck eggs are available.

Ducklings and Ducks

We usually hatch out a set of duck eggs in the spring, most of which are butchered in fall.  If you are interested in baby ducklings or ducks please let us know.