Moving gap

It’s been a long time since I posted. We moved! 200 miles north, to the cool, moist Willamette valley. Moving a farm is a horrific task, though we sold off the stock and only took a few chickens (besides the dog and cats). But we did bring hayfeeders, rolls of fencing, water tanks, and a small greenhouse with us, we didn’t exactly move light.

Starting over again in a new place is not easy; there was nothing here, we’ve had to put in a garden, fruit trees, and build a barn, and still have some fencing to do. Relying on store-bought food has been challenging. Eating your own food is a pipeline, where you start things at one point, tend them for a while, and eat them much later. But I didn’t realize just how long the pipeline is. Some things you get pretty soon – we’ve had kale and eggs from an early point of living here, plus this place has oaks and acorns to experiment with. But it’s been over eight months now, the carrots, parnips and potatoes we brought with us are long ago eaten, we just ran out of onions, and there isn’t much to replace it. We’re buying most of our food, and the freezer looks bare and empty.

The soil here is pretty good, so we’ve managed to put in pretty extensive beds and should have more to harvest starting maybe in a month or so. Chicks and Poults are growing fast now in the barn, so some meat’s in the pipeline, but we won’t be harvesting any lamb until next year the earliest. Unexpectedly we might have a couple of cherry-producing cherry trees (there are any number of fruitless flowering cherries, so sad).

This land can certainly be abundant, the grass is shoulder high and the weeds are lush. So some future point we’ve have food again. Then we’ll have to wean ourselves off bananas and barbecued salmon 🙂

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