tomato tasting results

Here are the results of the 2008 Fairweather Farm tomato tasting.
There were 38 ballots cast. And the winners are:
#1 – Sungold
#2 – Rose de Berne
#3 – Purple Cherokee

Best Flavor
WINNER: Rose de Berne (7)
RUNNERUP: Sungold (4)

WINNERS: Ananas Noire (6) and Black from Tula(5)
HON.MENTION: Lillian’s Yellow (3), Peron (3), Rose de Berne (3)

Best Red
WINNERS: Rose De Berne(11) and Stupice(9)
RUNNERUP: Peron(5)

Best Purple/Black
WINNER: Purple Cherokee(17)
RUNNERUPS: Black Cherry (5) and Black from Tula (5)

Best Orange
WINNER: Tobolsk (9)
RUNNERUPS: Kellog’s Breakfast (5), Tangerine (5), Lillian’s Yellow(5),
and Sungold (5).
HON.MENTION: Plum Lemon (3), Ananas Noire (3)

Best Cherry
WINNER: Sungold (13)
RUNNERUPS: Gardener’s Delight(6), Tiny Dancer (6), and Peacevine (5).
HON.MENTION: SunSugar (4), Gabrielle(3),

Best of the Best
WINNERS: Sungold (7) and Rose de Berne (6).
RUNNERUPS: Purple Cherokee (4) and Stupice (4).

While Sungold won “Best of the Best” by one vote, Rose de Berne beat Sungold both in Best Flavor and prettiest. So I suspect bias, due to the order of questions in the survey data isn’t fair… cherry tomatoes are right before the Best of the Best.

Overall the votes were all over the map this year; for example, out of 30 entries, 19 different tomatoes got votes for best flavor, but 17 of those had just one or two votes each. Only three varieties got no votes in any category: Talledega, Green Grape, and Odoriko.

The entries:

Peron Sprayless
Rose de Berne
Super Fantastic
Red Brandywine (Karen)
Momotaro (Karen)
Odoriko (Karen)

Paul Robeson (may not be true to type, red not purple/black)
Purple Cherokee
Black from Tula

Lillians Yellow Heirloom
Plum Lemon
Kellog’s Breakfast (ElizabethR)

Ananas Noire
Marz Round Green

Tiny Dancer
Dr. Carolyn’s Pink
Matts Wild Cherry
Sungold (both Lisa & AlanS, and we didn’t ask people to differentiate)
Peacevine Cherry
Green grape
Gardeners Delight (AlanS)
Black cherry (AlanS)

I had picked a Palestinian, but it was a beauty that weighed 2 pounds
1 oz. so we just admired it rather than cutting it up. Someone brought
in a single small Garden Peach, which we also set aside to look at.