Tomato Obsession

I’ve been so busy that tomato starting season has sort of crept up unnoticed. But yesterday the seed starting began, and some email followup with people who haven’t got specifics yet. I mentioned it to the librarians when I volunteer; telling them about the seed starting and the varieties, I got almost too excited to work. After settling down they would ask me questions like “what’s the best tasting red tomato” and it would start me off again. I don’t know why tomatoes are so exciting! But they are! And I’ve planted over 200 seeds and many more to go 🙂 Now my problem is going to be collecting enough coffee cups to distribute them all in.

And I don’t know the best tasting red tomato. Sungold, Ananas Noire, Purple Cherokee all come to mind when I think of best tasting – none of them plain red. Red tomatoes don’t tend to stand out in my memory, they all sort of look the same in retrospect. This means we need to do more careful research…

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